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    I believe in music able to transcend you into certain mood. Night Drive is my 2nd compilation of talented artists’ work, very much inspired by 2011 Drive OST. Hit the freeway & feeling infinite!

    Vol.2 Night Drive Link

    Vol.1 Winter Heartbreak Link

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  2. enighui:

    Inspired by Peter Quill’s Awesome Mixtape, I am releasing my first mixtape- Enig Hui Mixtape Vol 1:Winter HeartBreak

    This 88 mins of playlist is a mixture of classic to indie selection from 1983 to 2014. Enjoy and feel free to share! : )


    The Link

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  3. An exciting article about my Going Underground series, featured in UK Daily Mail. 

    Enig Hui, a petroleum engineer from Miri, Malaysia, travels the world and rather than museums or art galleries or monuments he photographs railway stations.

    Enig Hui FB Page

    (Source: enighui)


  4. The most beautiful gas station, Hofn


  5. Typical Icelandic weather


  6. Bumped into Jonsi’s Bf (Alex). Friendly dude.


  7. Ólafur Arnalds in Singapore, 9th March


  8. The vintage bookstore (Reykjavik)


  9. Barber shop, Reykjavik


  10. View of Faroe Islands - Iceland Air

    (I ll be visiting there someday) 






  15. Black desert